Our Mission

We invest in innovative, scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing needs.

Our Founder

James Lee Sorenson

From Entrepreneur to Impact Investor

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Jim has always pursued opportunities to innovate. After developing a potentially disruptive technology, Jim was in the process of taking the company he build, Sorenson Communications, public. However, only two days before the scheduled launch, the dot-com bubble burst and halted the markets. Jim went back to the drawing board and in collaboration with a hearing-impaired family member realized that they could transition the company’s products to enhance communication for the deaf and hard of hearing. That company was among the largest leveraged buy-outs of the time when it eventually sold. On top of that, the company was estimated to have increased employment opportunities for the hearing impaired population by approximately four times! Jim was inspired by this company’s ability to not only make a very positive impact on an often underserved population, but also operate with an effective business model and profit that ensured ongoing sustainability. He was intrigued with the idea of finding market solutions to meet the needs of underserved communities and since then he has established the Sorenson Impact Foundation, which invests in scalable, innovative social entrepreneurs, as well as the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah, which is a “think and do tank” focused on social impact and policy

Our Team

Jim Sorenson


Paul Ludlow


Meredith Shields

Managing Director

Lindsay Zizumbo

Chief of Staff

Investment Committee

Chad Gilbert

Jake Hodson

Cottonwood Equity

Mark Ludwig

Managing Director at Sorenson Capital

Jeramy Lund

Managing Director at Sorenson Impact

Eric Sorenson

Cottonwood Equity

Krista Sorenson

Board Member

Luke Sorenson

Managing Director at Sorenson Capital

Peter Sturgeon

Managing Director at Sorenson Capital

We are committed to advancing the impact investing sector through partnership and supporting the following organizations

Sorenson Impact
The ImPact
The U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

President’s Council

Financial Times Investing for Good Conferences
Village Capital
Global Impact Investing Network
Mission Investors Exchange
What Works Media Project