What We Do

Our Approach

We look for entrepreneurs who are innovating, disrupting and developing scalable and sustainable solutions that help underserved populations around the world.

What We Look For

Program Related Investments:

Innovative and potentially disruptive
Have measurable social impact outcomes that are essential to the business model
Directly meet the needs of or solve a critical issue for an underserved population
Have strong leadership and a well thought-out plan
Early stage but post-proof of concept:  Seed – Series A+


We are in the process of updating our granting process. Please check back for updates on our new strategy and application process.

Our process generally takes from three to six months from start to finish for deals that we close and fund

Step 1.

Initial screen to ensure fit

Step 2.

Phase I Due Diligence with our Diligence Team at Sorenson Impact focused on evaluation of business model potential, management and impact

Step 3.

Board decision to move forward to Phase I or Pass

Step 4.

Phase II Due Diligence with our Diligence Team at Sorenson Impact focused on deeper analysis of financial, legal, competition, co-investors and management strength

Step 5.

Presentation to our Investment Committee for decision to invest or pass

Step 6.

Negotiations, legal documentation and compliance review

Step 7.

Closing and funding

Success Story

Liberty & Justice

SIF invested in Liberty & Justice when it was just an idea – to build sewing factories in Liberia in order to employ women. What started as an idea grew into a full factory employing dozens of women in only a few years that quickly developed supplier relationships with brands such as Haggar in the U.S. Then the Ebola crisis happened with the epicenter forming around Liberty & Justice’s facility. Contracts were cancelled and all revenue potential disappeared over night.

However, recognizing the strength of the leadership team and potential for impact, SIF decided to invest additional capital to help the company establish a new business model and keep its dream alive. Transitioning to a “buy one, give one” model, Liberty & Justice developed a line of clothing that is now sold at Nordstrom called Uniform whereby each sale results in providing a free school uniform to a child in need in Liberia. Access to uniforms is often a barrier to school attendance in Liberia (and many countries in Africa), and lack of uniforms is a contributing factor in the low 40% primary school enrollment rate across Liberia. Now, Liberty & Justice is Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified apparel company.

Success Story

Kinara Capital

SIF was among the earliest investors in Kinara Capital, an Indian lending company that provides loans to micro, small and medium-sized businesses in an effort to support and strengthen the small business sector that employs a large portion of the economy. When SIF originally invested, the company estimated that it generated 3-4 jobs for every loan that it made. Now, the company generates ~3,000 jobs every quarter, nearly one third of which are first time jobs. In addition, Kinara’s loans lead to an average revenue increase for both the companies and entrepreneurs of over 20%. This company has now grown to a point of attracting large, institutional investors.