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Program Related Investments

The Sorenson Impact Foundation makes program related investments (PRIs) in the form of equity, convertible debt, revenue based financing agreements, and loans. Our program related investments are made to for-profit impact start-ups whose business model is tightly intertwined with achieving high, game-changing social impact. We are looking for the most innovative and scalable solutions to solutions such as access to education, workforce development, access to healthcare, and other issues disproportionately impacting underserved populations around the world. We will evaluate proposals from every country and sector that meet these guidelines. Please note that we are looking for post-revenue companies that are in the Seed and Series A stage.

To share your pitch with us please complete the following:


Optional: Get your company’s Investment Readiness Level through Abaca’s VIRAL assessment tool.


Share your pitch deck and tell us about your company or fund by completing our PRI Deal Intake form.

Our Program Related Investments Funding Process

Our process generally takes from three to six months from start to finish for deals that we close and fund.

What We are Looking for


Innovative and potentially disruptive


Have measurable social impact outcomes that are essential to the business model


Directly meet the needs of or solve a critical issue for an underserved population


Have strong leadership and a well-thought-out plan




Early-stage but post-proof of concept: Seed – Series A+

Step 1

Initial screen to ensure fit

Step 2

Phase I Due Diligence with our Diligence Team at Sorenson Impact focused on evaluation of business model potential, management and impact

Step 3

Board decision to move forward to Phase I or Pass

Step 4

Phase II Due Diligence with our Diligence Team at Sorenson Impact focused on deeper analysis of financial, legal, competition, co-investors and management strength

Step 5

Presentation to our Investment Committee for decision to invest or pass

Step 6

Negotiations, legal documentation and compliance review

Step 7

Closing and funding


In 2023, the Sorenson Impact Foundation (SIF) focused on systems change by zeroing in on the need to push the field of impact investing beyond sustainability and towards embracing a “regenerative” paradigm. As we move forward in 2024, we are broadening our focus to the rapidly growing and deeply expanding wealth gap crisis granting to/investing in solutions that promote upward mobility through ownership. Our funding this year seeks to fuel learning and market development to solutions that advance economic empowerment and equity through ownership opportunities.

Request for Proposal

Please download the full RFP for our specific grant focus areas as well as the submission process and parameters required in order to be considered. The 2023 RFP submission portal will close on July 12, 2024 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.