Sorenson Impact Foundation Announces Program-Related Investment into NESsT Lirio Fund to Support Impact Financing in the Andes and Amazon - Sorenson Impact Foundation

Sorenson Impact Foundation is thrilled to announce its Program-Related Investment into NESsT Lirio Fund, a groundbreaking debt fund targeting the “missing middle” in the Andes-Amazon region of Latin America. This partnership represents our commitments to fostering impact investment field-building in emerging markets and bolstering access to capital for enterprises that have often been overlooked by traditional financing institutions and structures.

NESsT Lirio Fund provides working capital to entities that can be considered “too small” for traditional financing vehicles and yet too large for microfinance. This innovative fund provides vital loans to empower largely agricultural enterprises, enabling them to scale their operations sustainably. Their focus on the underserved segment serves to create a ripple effect, bolstering local economies, fortifying community resilience, and nurturing environmental stewardship.

At the core of NESsT Lirio Fund’s ethos lies a commitment to driving sustainable business growth while effecting tangible social impact. Through financing, the fund not only empowers the expansion of social enterprises but also champions the creation of employment opportunities with a deliberate emphasis on empowering women, indigenous-led ventures, and marginalized communities. To date NESsT Lirio Fund and their portfolio companies have created 5,171 jobs within the Andes-Amazon region of South America.

In addition to financing, NESsT Lirio Fund portfolio companies benefit from the robust on-the-ground support of their team which works with them to deliver on their scale strategies and impact models. NESsT Chief Investment Officer Chad Sachs has over two decades of experience in renewable energy investment and capital raising. Prior to NESsT, he founded two successful companies focused on developing and operating solar power plants and raised over $1.1 billion. Since Joining NESsT, he has capitalized and supported portfolio companies throughout Peru and Colombia, and we look forward to supporting NESst Lirio Fund as it looks towards more LATAM geographies.

Recognizing the region’s burgeoning impact investment ecosystem, the Foundation was actively engaged in Latin America throughout 2023. The collaboration with NESsT furthers our commitment to field building cross-globally and employing innovative self-liquidating deal structures to dovetail impact and financial return.

We are delighted to embark on this partnership. By combining NESsT’s remarkable legacy in advancing social and economic progress with the Foundation’s dedication to closing capital gaps to address the world’s biggest challenges, we’re not just investing in enterprises; we’re investing in communities, livelihoods, and environmental stewardship. This partnership exemplifies our joint dedication to a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous Latin America.