Sorenson Impact Foundation Announces Program-Related Investment into Totem Technologies to Empower Indigenous Communities - Sorenson Impact Foundation

Sorenson Impact Foundation is thrilled to announce its program-related investment into Totem Technologies, a pioneering Native-led fintech startup dedicated to transforming banking infrastructure for Indigenous communities. This partnership marks a step forward in the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to empower underserved communities, particularly Indigenous populations, by addressing financial disparities and fostering economic opportunity and access to banking services.

Totem Technologies provides holistic banking infrastructure tailored specifically for Indigenous communities. The company collaborates closely with Tribal governments and enterprises, offering a neo-banking platform that streamlines benefit disbursements and payroll management. Moreover, Totem extends essential banking services to individual users, ensuring secure and accessible financial solutions aimed at boosting economic empowerment within Native communities.

Our excitement about Totem stems from its potential to revolutionize the economic landscape for Indigenous communities. By providing a comprehensive banking solution, Totem enables greater retention of capital and resources within these communities. The neo-banking platform is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to meet individuals’ specific needs for a modern banking solution, making access to financial services more convenient and cost-effective, thereby enabling new opportunities for financial growth.

Throughout 2023, Sorenson Impact Foundation actively engaged in seeking solutions to address challenges disproportionately affecting Native communities. Welcoming Totem into our portfolio represents a stride towards expanding banking services to those who have historically faced barriers to access.

By supporting Totem Technologies, we’re not just investing in a fintech startup; we’re investing in the economic empowerment and financial inclusion of Indigenous communities. The Foundation recognizes the importance of creating avenues for financial growth that are tailored to the unique needs and cultural context of these communities, and we look forward to supporting Totem’s continued growth and scale. Together with Totem, we’re dedicated to bridging the gap in financial services, fostering economic resilience, and empowering Indigenous communities to thrive.